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Insurance providers often recommend companies by using the terms “preferred,” “qualified,” or “authorized.” The truth is, this often simply means “cheapest.” To ensure companies spend the lowest amount they can on your fully insured repairs, some companies will happily skimp on OEM glass or the highest quality adhesive, while your insurance provider routes you through an automated call center to schedule your service with one of the companies.

By law, you have the right to choose the company you would like to perform your auto glass service, not just the“lowest bidder,” and my family and I personally thank you for considering Fusion Auto Glass for your repairs!

We will work with you and personally walk you through the entire claims process. During our initial contact, we'll discuss four key pieces of information needed by your insurance provider:

  1. Your insurance provider's name
  2. Your policy number
  3. Your vehicle's year, make, and model
  4. The date the damage occurred

Every windshield is replaced following AGRSS standards, which are the standards insurance companies recognize and respect.

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