?What is the scheduling process?
You can contact Fusion Auto Glass in any way that works best for you. We will respond to phone calls, text messages, and emails promptly, and we will work around your schedule to make the process as convenient as possible.
?Can you perform service in the winter or rain?
We can perform service in temperatures as low as 0º F as well as in the rain but for proper installation, we recommend installation and repair services be performed with proper shelter and/or in conditions above 32º F. We also offer pick-up and delivery within the Twin Cities metro area at no additional charge.
?What is the warranty?
We offer a lifetime warranty against stress breaks and leakage for as long as you own the vehicle.
?How does insurance work?
If you have glass coverage with your insurance, we will work with you to file your insurance claim. Your insurance company may try to steer you to an auto glass company they refer to as “preferred, qualified or authorized” but you have the right to choose your auto glass company. And we thank you for considering Fusion Auto Glass. Read some of our Insurance FAQs for more information.
?How do I pay for service?
Fusion Auto Glass accepts insurance payments, cash, and credit cards.